NACG’s Environmental Management Plan Mission & Objectives

North American Construction Group is committed to an environmental risk management plan based on, but not limited to, the following principles.

NACG will exercise the highest standards of care possible in all facets of, and throughout all phases of construction to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental standards, regulations and laws of federal, provincial and local jurisdictions.

In conjunction with field operations, NACG management will develop and keep current an inventory of all known and potential environmental hazards relevant to its work. This information will be effectively integrated throughout the company and all of its construction projects to ensure awareness and proper adherence to standards of practice that will minimize the possibility of an environmental mishap.

All individuals directly and indirectly employed by NACG will conduct their work in a manner which ensures proper regard for the environment at all times. Employees shall report all relevant environmental concerns to their supervisor immediately, and wherever possible, see that known concerns are attended to in a legitimate, practical and timely manner.

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