Equipment Maintenance Services

North American Construction Group’s equipment maintenance services division has over 50 years of experience in performing maintenance procedures on-site, as well as in our multiple shop facilities. North American’s maintenance services are utilized on all our assets, including heavy and light equipment, support equipment and light vehicles.

When it comes to maintenance services, our goal is to create value for our customers by providing flexible, tailor-made maintenance plans that suit every client’s needs. We also take great pride in ensuring that our own operating equipment is safe, reliable and readily available for use when needed.

North American’s maintenance division has a skilled workforce that is capable of completing any maintenance request in a timely and professional manner, while providing feedback on preserving the life of equipment. With years of experience and training, our maintenance teams can ensure that the highest level of service is delivered to all of our clients. Our planning and reliability programs are a key component in everything we do, and it is these trusted processes that ensure the best quality products and services are provided at every turn.

North American’s wide range of maintenance services include:

  • Fuel and lube servicing options
  • Portable steaming
  • Equipment inspections
  • Parts and component supply options
  • Major overhauls and equipment refurbishment tailored to client requirements
  • Onsite haul truck brake testing
  • Onsite maintenance support
  • Welding services, fabrication/repairs and weld certification and inspection
  • Under carriage rebuild services tailored to client needs
  • Machining
  • Hose Manufacturing
  • Technical Support

You can download North American Construction Group’s maintenance brochure HERE