Social Responsibility

NACG recognizes the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen and strives to help build strong and healthy communities through numerous programs and policies.

At the end of each fiscal year, NACG will issue a new Sustainability Report that provides the structured framework for our environmental, social, and governance initiatives moving forward. These reports will allow stakeholders to measure progress in a variety of business areas and community programs with increasing rigor and metrics.

You can download NACG’s annual Sustainability Report below.

2022 NACG Sustainability Report16 February, 2022Download
2021 NACG Sustainability Report2 February, 2021Download

Health & Safety

NACG’s commitment to providing a healthy and safe work atmosphere is evident through our “Everyone Gets Home Safe” Program. By facilitating a healthy work environment we not only improve our productivity but, more importantly, we ensure that everyone goes home from work in the same condition they arrived.


NACG recognizes the importance of preserving the environment for future generations. As such, we take the time to effectively assess and minimize the impact our work has on the environment. In the Alberta oil sands, NACG has also launched a Tailing and Environmental Construction division to tackle the issue of tailings remediation head-on.

Community Investment

NACG believes in being a strong corporate citizen in the communities we operate in. By assisting and supporting various local causes, we invest in the community and help to enrich the lives of the individuals who call the area home.

First Nations Partnerships

NACG is committed to the involvement and collaborative participation of First Nations groups on many of our projects. These partnerships not only benefit NACG, but provide substantial long-term benefits to local First Nations communities.

NACG’s Vice President of Heavy Construction & Mining, Barry Palmer, unveils the NACG logo that will be emblazoned on the tail of every STARS Air Ambulance operating in Western Canada.