Heavy Equipment & Mining

Unrivalled earthworks experience in hard rock and oil sands mining, overburden removal, site development and reclamation.

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Biggest & Best Equipment

Western Canada’s largest fleet of haul trucks, shovels and mining equipment includes the biggest trucks, excavators and hydraulic shovels anywhere

Equipment Maintenance & Refurbishment

From tailor-made maintenance plans to full restoration of heavily worn equipment, trust the teams we count on for NACG’s own assets.

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Leadership in Safety Every day & Always

We continuously build on NACG’s outstanding safety performance through training, evaluation, and health and safety innovation.

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Manage Smarter, Perform Better

Extensive project management and design-build construction experience to reduce costs and risk while maximizing quality and performance.

We Invest in What Matters Most. Shouldn’t You?

NACG builds future value on a huge scale, safely and sustainably. We grow by holding true to our core values in the face of tough decisions.

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Environmental Stewardship

From reclamation and environmental construction leadership to the highest standards of care enterprise-wide, we spearhead sustainability.

First Nations Partnerships

We’ve partnered with First Nations communities across Canada for decades, and are actively engaged in numerous large-scale joint partnerships