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Heavy Construction & Mining Services

Over 60 Years of Earthworks Experience

North American Construction Group’s Heavy Construction and Mining division has over sixty years of earthworks experience in hard rock and oil sands mining, overburden removal, mine site development, and mine reclamation. The division has extensive project management and design-build construction experience, and can deliver constructability design reviews, budgetary cost estimates, and a full range of planning and scheduling services.

By getting involved early in projects, North American Construction Group often helps clients define project scope, cost, project timelines and project risk.

North American Construction Group’s absolute and uncompromising commitment to health and safety, and to the protection of the environment, is a core operating principle of the company and its operating divisions. The Heavy Construction & Mining division continuously strives to improve its safety performance through ongoing training, employee competency testing and evaluation, and through the use of an extensive range of management tools and techniques designed to improve safety performance.

Fleet Size Matters

North American Construction Group’s modern fleet of haul trucks, cable shovels, hydraulic excavators, and related pieces of mining equipment, is the largest in Western Canada and features the biggest hydraulic and cable shovels available. This large and diverse fleet gives NACG the ability to respond quickly to changing client requirements, and to provide equipment that is optimally sized for each project. The division is led by a talented and experienced leadership team that has developed a highly skilled and engaged operations team. The division has fostered excellent relationships with key clients and has earned a solid reputation for completing projects safely, on budget and on schedule, while adhering to the utmost standards of quality. The division has a very strong customer focus and measures success by its customers’ success.

Our Services Include:

  • Constructability reviews
  • Budgetary cost estimates
  • Design-build construction
  • Project Management
  • Contract mining (excavation and haulage)
  • Pre-stripping / pit pioneering
  • Overburden removal and stockpile
  • Muskeg removal and stockpile
  • Site preparation (excavate, fill, grade, piling)
  • Air strip construction (gravel and asphalt)
  • Site dewatering / perimeter ditching
  • Tailings and process pipelines
  • Haulage and access road construction
  • Tailings dam construction
  • Tailings densification
  • Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls
  • Dyke construction
  • Reclamation (materials replacement, compaction, terrain contouring and hydro-seeding)

You can download North American Construction Group’s company brochure Here