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North American Construction Group Ltd. Announces Share Purchase Program in Canada and the United States

ACHESON, Alberta, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- North American Construction Group Ltd. (“NACG” or “the Company”) (TSX:NOA/NYSE:NOA) today announced that it intends to commence a normal course issuer bid (the “NCIB”) to purchase, for cancellation, up to 2,113,054 common shares in the capital of the Company (“Common Shares”), which represents approximately 10% of the public float (as defined in the TSX Company Manual) and approximately 7.05% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares as of March 31, 2022. As at March 31, 2022, the Company had 29,974,336 Common Shares issued and outstanding. In connection with the shares purchasable under the NCIB, the Company has entered into an automatic share purchase plan (“ASPP”) with its designated broker.

Purchases of Common Shares under the NCIB may be made through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”), the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) and alternative trading systems by means of open market transactions or by such other means as may be permitted by the TSX and under applicable securities laws. Under the NCIB, and in order to comply with applicable securities laws, the Company will purchase a maximum of 1,498,716 Common Shares (or approximately 5% of the issued and outstanding voting common shares) on the NYSE and alternative trading systems.

The Company believes that the current market price of its Common Shares does not fully reflect their underlying value and that current market conditions provide opportunities for the Company to acquire Common Shares at attractive prices. In the Company’s view, a repurchase of Common Shares would be an effective use of its cash resources and would be in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders. The Company believes that it would both enhance liquidity for shareholders seeking to sell and provide an increase in the proportionate interests of shareholders wishing to maintain their positions.

The NCIB is expected to commence on or about April 11, 2022 and will terminate no later than April 10, 2023, provided that purchases may not be made on the NYSE until April 14, 2022. All purchases of Common Shares will be made in compliance with applicable TSX and NYSE rules. The average daily trading volume of the Common Shares on the TSX for the six calendar months preceding March 31, 2022 is 76,402 Common Shares. In accordance with the TSX rules and subject to the exemption for block purchases, a maximum daily repurchase of 25% of this average may be made, representing 19,100 Common Shares. The price per Common Share will be based on the market price of such shares at the time of purchase in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Pursuant to the ASPP, the designated broker may purchase up to 2,113,054 Common Shares until the expiry of the NCIB on April 10, 2023. Such purchases will be determined by the broker at its sole discretion, based on the purchasing parameters set out by the Company in accordance with the rules of the TSX, applicable securities laws and the terms of the ASPP. Purchases of Common Shares under the ASPP may be made through the facilities of the TSX, the NYSE and alternative trading systems. The ASPP has been pre-cleared by the TSX and will be effective as of April 11, 2022. The ASPP will terminate on the earliest of the date on which: (i) the NCIB expires; (ii) the maximum number of Common Shares have been purchased under the NCIB; and (iii) the Company terminates the ASPP in accordance with its terms. Concurrent with the establishment of the ASPP, the Company has confirmed to the broker that it was then not aware of any material undisclosed or non-public information with respect to the Company or any securities of the Company. During the term of the ASPP, the Company will not communicate any material undisclosed or non-public information to the trading staff of the broker; accordingly, the broker may make purchases regardless of whether a trading blackout period is in effect or whether there is material undisclosed or non-public information about the Company at the time that purchases are made under the ASPP. In the event that the ASPP is materially varied, suspended or terminated, the Company will issue a news release advising of such variation, suspension or termination, as applicable.

The Company was permitted to repurchase a total of up to 2,000,000 Common Shares under the NCIB it previously announced on April 6, 2021, of which 85,592 Common Shares were purchased at a weighted average purchase price of $16.10 CDN per Common Share.

About the Company

North American Construction Group Ltd. ( is one of Canada’s largest providers of heavy civil construction and mining contractors. For more than 65 years, NACG has provided services to large oil, natural gas and resource companies.

For further information contact:
Jason Veenstra, CPA, CA
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North American Construction Group Ltd.
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